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WordPress vs Blogger

If you are a new in blogging then this question must have come in your mind that which platform is best for blogging; WordPress vs Blogger so that you can choose the right blogging platform for you, then today we will tell you which platform is WordPress vs Blogger. Information about it is suitable for blogging

We usually first use Blogspot.com for blogging and this is also true because it is absolutely free and in the early days we do not have much knowledge about blogging and what is blogging from here and how do we do it. Huh. ,

Wordpress vs Blogger; Pros and Cons

Many blogging person started their blog with blogger platform but later switched their blog to WordPress because you have a lot of features in WordPress.

Here let us tell you that WordPress offers two types of service, one is free which is WordPress.com and the other is paid which is WordPress.org and it is known as WordPress.

By the way, there are many platforms available for blogging on the internet like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium etc. But today we will talk about WordPress vs Blogger because both these platforms are most used for blogging.

Important Points






Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. Blogs are hosted by Google at the blogspot.com subdomain unless users pay for domain registration.

WordPress.com is a blogging service that uses the open-source WordPress script to power users’ blogs. Hosted blogs are placed on a wordpress.com subdomain unless users pay for domain registration.







Type of site

Blog Host

Blog Host

Site Registration

Optional, Free

Not required to read most blogs. Free registration for commenting or blogging.

Custom Domain Name

Users must pay for their own domain names, but it is free to add one to a blog.

Users must pay for their own domain name ‘’and’’ pay for a plan to add it to a blog.


Allowed. Easy to install Google’s AdSense.

Not allowed for most all blogs. Affiliate links are permissible. Blogs with lots of traffic can request an invitation to WordAds.


Design can be customized with free, Blogger-provided themes or premium themes bought off-site. Users can edit HTML and CSS.

Design can be customized with free, WordPress.com-provided themes or premium themes bought through WordPress.com. Users have many theme customization options but cannot edit HTML or CSS without upgrading.

Storage Space

Users can create up to 100 blogs, each of which can have up to 100 writers. Unlimited blog posting. 20 static content pages (e.g., About page). Posts/pages cannot exceed 1MB in size. Images upload to Google Drive, which has a 15GB limit.

Unlimited number of blogs with unlimited number of writers. Free plan has 3GB of space for images/files. Users can upgrade storage or buy a better overall plan.

Mobile Blogging

Yes. Support for Android and iOS.

Yes. WordPress Support for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Nokia.

Image Galleries

No support. Users must create them by hand using HTML and CSS or use an off-site gallery tool.

Extensive gallery support.

Video and Audio Upload

Users can embed videos from other sites, like Vimeo and YouTube, and audio files through Soundcloud.

Users can embed videos from other sites, like Vimeo and YouTube. Premium plans allow users to upload directly to WordPress.com’s servers. Support for MP3, M4A, WAV, and OGG audio files.


Support for tags, which Blogger calls “labels.”

Support for categories and tags.


Has anti-spam features, but more prone to failure. If spam is an ongoing problem on a Blogging site, users should consider using a dedicated commenting service like Disqus, which has more anti-spam measures in place.

Automatic owns Akismet, a popular spam prevention script, which it implements on all WordPress.com blogs. Akismet keeps most spam from ever being posted.


Supported by way of Google Analytics.

Has “Stats” tool. Less in-depth than Google Analytics, which cannot be added to WordPress.com blogs.


No support.

No support. Self-hosted version of WordPress — WordPress.org — has vast plugin library.


Outside of giving users the ability to buy more storage space for Google Drive, Blogger has no premium plans. The service is always free, but it is also forever limited to its default capabilities.

Various options: free for Basic; $99/yr for Premium; $299/yr for Business.


None. Users cannot download the Blogger script and host it on their own server.

Yes. Users can download the open-source WordPress script and host it on their own server.


Censored in numerous countries. Google has been known to comply with this censorship. In 2012, the company began blocking/censoring certain Blog content on a per-country basis

Censored in numerous countries. Automatic, the company that owns WordPress.com, has fought against censorship in court and does not censor content — including mature content — on WordPress.com.

WordPress vs Blogger, Which is Best?

Why use Blogger?

Creating a blog on Blogspot is as easy as maintaining a blog is a Google product and it is absolutely free so you don’t have to spend any money so new bloggers make the most of it.

Let us tell you that many successful bloggers started their first blog on this, you can easily create and run a blog without any technical knowledge using your Gmail account.

Because neither you need to buy any domain name nor you need to get hosting for this, in this you get both for free because it is from Google, so it is completely safe.

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Why We use WordPress?

WordPress is a great platform for bloggers who want to blog professionally and make a career in blogging because in this you get thousands of free WordPress plugins and themes, with the help of which you can change the look of your blog with just one click. And you can make a professional blog.

So, first of all it is important for you to know what is WordPress so that you can understand it easily because many people who use Blogger are scared to hear the name of WordPress.

Because for this you need Domain Name and Hosting, due to which you have to create a WordPress Blog, which is a completely different experience for Blogger users and above all you have to spend money for it.

By the way, using WordPress is as easy as Blogger because once you set up a blog on WordPress, it doesn’t matter much and there are many other features other than Blogger, which can boost your blog.

Benefits of using Blogger

- It is completely free, so there is no need to buy domain or hosting.

— It is very easy to use as its interface is very simple and easy to use.

— Since it is from Google, it is also completely secure.

— You can create many free blogs on Blogger.

Benefits of using WordPress

- You can turn it into a professional blog and website.

— It is also very easy to use.

— In this you get thousands of free themes and plugins.

— WordPress is better in terms of SEO.

What is the difference between WordPress and Blogger?

- Blogger is free, whereas you have to spend money to create a WordPress blog.

— SEO optimization is very easy for WordPress as compared to Blogger.

— WordPress gives you the opportunity to create a professional blog, whereas only a simple design is available in Blogger.

— WordPress keeps updating and adding new features from time to time, whereas Blogger has nothing like it.

— You completely own the blog in WordPress, but blogger is free, so it is owned by Google, you can close blogger anytime if you want.

— To bring a feature to WordPress, all you need to do is install a plugin, whereas you have to code in Blogger.

— Using WordPress, You Can Beat Your Competition While You Can’t With Blogger

Blogger Vs WordPress

— WordPress is completely under your control, you can customize it according to you, whereas in Blogger you can make limited changes.

— In Blogger you get By Defalut HTTPS Security whereas in WordPress you have to configure HTTPS.

— You can change the theme of the blog with one click in WordPress, but not in Blogger.

— You get thousands of free themes on WordPress but not on Blogger.

— There is a free theme and plugin store for WordPress, whereas Blogger is not available.

— WordPress is much faster than Blogger.

— It is very easy to transfer WordPress as compared to Blogger.

— WordPress is much more SEO and mobile friendly than Blogger.

WordPress vs Blogger, Which Blogging Platform Is Better?

We have given you complete information about the benefits of WordPress vs Blogger above and what is the difference between WordPress vs Blogger, which will help you choose the right platform for you.

But the question remains the same that WordPress vs Blogger which platform is better and which one should we choose so that we too can become successful bloggers and earn money by creating a blog.

According to us, if there is a new blogger who has learned blogging some time ago and also wants to work on it by creating a blog, then he should first use the blogging platform and his knowledge of blogging. must grow

Because blogger is a free platform and it does not cost you any money, so start blogging on it first because many people are not able to blog for a long time and leave, which is both their time and money. Bad, so use blogger.

If you have a lot of time or knowledge while blogging and you want to continue blogging even more, then you should start thinking about using WordPress today.

Because all great bloggers use WordPress only, that is, if not today then tomorrow you have to convert your blog to WordPress if you want to become a professional blogger.

Comparison table for WordPress vs Blogger




Beginner-friendly with a learning curve

Just a few clicks until your first post


Tens of thousands of extensions

Very limited options; can’t customize templates in detail

Content Management:

Revisions, autosave, custom HTML…

Much simpler document editor


Community, pay for support

Support forum, basic documentation


Quickly export and import content, switch hosts and platforms

It’s hard to switch from Blogger to another platform

Ownership and Control:

You own the blog, complete control

Google owns it, limited control

Let us tell you here that when you switch from Blogger to WordPress, the traffic of your blog may decrease, but if you work properly then you will get many benefits.

So friends, I hope you now understand which WordPress vs Blogger platform is better and which WordPress vs Blogger will be right for you.

If you liked this article of ours, then being a blogger do share it with bloggers who are worried about which platform is better WordPress vs Blogger and if you have any question then do let us know in the comment section.

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